Brushed Metal Browser Theme

Brushed Metal Browser Theme

Brushed Metal Browser Theme is a theme for Internet Explorer and Firefox
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Brushed Metal Browser Theme is a theme for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
The home page lets you download any of the two versions of this theme. If you want to install the Firefox version, when clicking on the download link your browser will ask you to install the Personas Interactive add-on, with the Brushed Metal theme.

This program will change the appearance of your browser. All the backgrounds will change to a gray brushed metal surface. This theme also includes a toolbar that will contain direct access to several features. You can perform searches in the Bing search engine entering words in the Search box that this toolbar shows. Next to that box there is a banner that will guide you on obtaining a ten dollar gift card from Amazon. On the right from this toolbar you will find icons that will let you view the weather in your area (you can tell the add-on to find out your area, if you want to see the temperature in Celsius or Farenheit, and how many days will you like the program to forecast), access Facebook, Twitter,,, Amazon, and eBay.

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